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Domestic Violence Quotes And Sayings

17 Domestic Violence Quotes-Domestic violence, also known as partner violence, occurs in many structures including physical, enthusiastic and monetary viciousness, and can influence individuals of all ages. It doesn’t need to be inside the home to be named abusive behavior at home. It is a type of savagery that can happen inside any relationship (family or private accomplice). Abusive behavior at home is about power and control and there are numerous ways this control can be communicated.

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On the off chance that somebody is harming you it can be extremely terrifying and it might be difficult to know how you can stop it. Remember that nobody has the privilege to be fierce towards you and there are individuals out there who can offer assistance. To further try and raise awareness for this growing issue, we’ll look into some Domestic Violence Quotes

17 Domestic Violence Quotes

“The main goal of the future is to stop violence. The world is addicted to it.” Bill Cosby

“Violence against women is an appalling human rights violation. But it is not inevitable. We can put a stop to this.” Nicole Kidman

“The effects of abuse are devastating and far-reaching. Domestic violence speaks many languages, has many colours and lives in many different communities.” Sandra Pupatello

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“This is not love. It is a crime… You can’t look the other way just because you have not experienced domestic violence with your own flesh.” Salma Hayek

“It’s a subject that is often hidden and very secretive, but it’s something which I feel should have a light shone upon it.” Fern Britton

“Women trapped in violent relationships need to know that there’s no shame in talking out and walking out on their abusive partners.” Kate Thornton

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“I will also continue to fight to provide better economic security for victims of domestic violence.” Lucille Roybal-Allard

“We must unite. Violence against women cannot be tolerated, in any form, in any context, in any circumstance, by any political leader or by any government.” Ban Ki-moon

“Every woman who thinks she is the only victim of violence has to know that there are many more.” Salma Hayek

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“Sexual assault and domestic violence are difficult things to talk about. Talk about them anyway.” Mariska Hargitay

“The more that we choose not to talk about domestic violence, the more we shy away from the issue, the more we lose.” Russell Wilson

“It’s incredibly dangerous to leave an abuser, because the final step in the domestic violence pattern is: kill her.” Leslie Morgan Steiner

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“[Domestic violence is] a carefully laid physical, financial and psychological trap.” Leslie Morgan Steiner

“The time when domestic violence is the most lethal is when the person is trying to leave the situation.” Julie Johnston

“Those of us who have the eyes and ears of the media have a responsibility to amplify the voices of the voiceless.” Peter Gabriel

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“Women initiate most domestic violence.” Dov Charney

“Domestic violence is the front line of the war against women.” Pearl Cleage

Many people, especially women since they are the victims most of the time, are ashamed to share their story with basically anyone else. But that should change, and it should change as soon as possible, because by sharing a story on domestic violence, you can raise awareness and make other women understand that what they might be going through is certainly not normal, and they should definitely act on in as soon as possible and stop it.

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He was a weak man. The sort who needed to crush a woman in order to feel powerful.

It’s common sense that any man who would just abuse a woman who loves him, as an act of domestic violence, is really weak. That means that he needs to feel more powerful than her no matter what, and he cannot do it any other way than by using force. Of course, most of the time the woman won’t even be able to fight back since the man is likely to be stronger. Such men are a shame, nothing more than that.

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Your kids are better off without an abusive parent in the home. If you won’t change for yourself, do it for your kids.

Although it happens a lot, it’s quite sad that some parents do not understand the importance of getting their children out of a house where there is domestic violence. Perhaps most of the time these parents might be trying to make the relationship work, but that is simply the wrong thing to do. There are very little chances that someone who has previously abused his partner will change so quick, so the best thing is to take the kids out and leave. Otherwise, you risk having your kids really affected by such events in the future.

As an ending to this article, where we’ve looked into some domestic violence quotes, I would like to once again make it clear that such acts are not even close to being normal, even when they happen one time. No violence should exist in any home, so if you happen to be going through some a situation, make sure to contact someone who can help you immediately. There’s no time to be wasted in this case.

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