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Grind Quotes And Sayings

24 Grind Quotes-Hard work is hard in itself. To grind oneself is the only true way to perfection. It involves reducing yourself to smaller pieces, being fine and sharp. It is the concentration of the mind to achieving a specific goal. Do you find it hard to be persistent at hard work? Grind Quotes are here to make you believe in hard work and time management.  These quotes will lead you to freedom.

Grind Quotes And Sayings (3)

24 Grind Quotes

“What makes you grind?  You have to always be chasing something.” Ray Lewis

“It takes time, it’s a grind. There are no shortcuts. You’ve got to grind and grind.” Mark Cuban

“You’ve gotta learn to love the grind. Because life IS the grind.” John Calipari

Inspiring Freedom Quotes And Sayings

“Don’t let the bastards grind you down.” Margaret Atwood

“The mills of God grind slowly.” Lord Acton

“The world is yours and everything in it, it’s out there- get on your grind and get it.” Young Jeezy

Grind Quotes And Sayings (4)

“Daddy wasn’t there for me, so I had to grind every day.” Ray Lewis

“The mill cannot grind with the water that is past.” Daniel D. Palmer

“When the machine grinds to a halt, the cogs themselves begin wondering about their function.” Ken Knabb

Work Quotes And Sayings

“Laws grind the poor, and rich men rule the law.” Oliver Goldsmith

“Life is a grindstone. Whether it grinds us down or polishes us up depends on us.” Thomas Holcroft

“The cramped monotony of my existence grinds me away by the grain.” Charles Dickens

Grind Quotes And Sayings (1)

“Acting is a grind, just like music is a grind. Sometimes it takes longer than what you can give.” Big Sean

“Thus I grind to conclusion.” Geoffrey Hill

“Rise and grind… the money ain’t gonna wait for you while you sleep son.” Donnell Rawlings

Inspirational Life Quotes And Sayings

“Evil is so seductive. It needs to grind you up and make you its slave.” Toni Morrison

“Beauty’s where you find it; not just where you bump and grind it.” Madonna Ciccone

“Everybody was in struggle, in the grind trying to make it.” Young Buck

Grind Quotes And Sayings (5)

“Grind Hard, Shine Hard.” Dwayne Johnson

“God grinds the axes he intends to use.” Dave Sim

“I have no axe to grind; only my thoughts to burnish.” George Santayana

“What ever truth drops on it eventually grinds to a powder.” Art Blakey

“Adversity can strengthen you if you have the will to grind it out.” Ray Kroc

“Some rather seek up high Than dig and grind that inner truth.” Saul Williams

Confidence is assured ability and performance in oneself. It is a state of the mind. You may be confident at something but not able to perform it as well as you thought. But with a grind, your confidence can produce its expectations. To grind is to work behind the scene. It is the hard work that we put into our work.  Grinding is like overtime perfection. It requires those with a strong will to achieve something. With the right direction, time and objective, a grind produces excellent results.

Grind Quotes And Sayings (2)

What I lack in talent, I compensate with my willingness to grind it out. That’s the secret of my life – Guy Kawasaki

Talent comes naturally, but grind does not. Talent can be used to make a living while grind is like a booster for it. When people become relaxed at what they do and avoid the grind, life becomes boring, tasteless and complacent. Gold is refined by heat and constant grind. Diamonds will never shine bright without a grind. Your talent is your mine, grind it and shine to the rest of the world.

My career has been successful, but it’s been a grind of hard work – Emmanuel Chriqui

The difference between two hard working people is the level of grind they put into it. They may work same hours and have the same wages. The one who adds passion and ambition to his work is bound to experience growth. He is able to have a different life in a shorter time. Without grind, there would not be any competition or medals. Ask the professional athletes. The few hours, minutes or second they perform in the Olympics is backed up by a lot of grinds. Daily thousands of hours put into practice for that one moment of glory.

Go the extra mile with the Grind Quotes. Stretch your capabilities; you never know how much you can achieve with a grind.

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