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Suicide Quotes And Sayings

25 Suicide Quotes-Here in this article, you’ll be reading some of the Suicide Quotes which will help you to live your life. And not just sit alone in the dark corner of the world which you think is now difficult to live in. You do not have to put your life to an end. Always seeks for the Alternatives, get out of that situation which is unbearable for you. Human life is a gift of God, Do not let anyone destroy it. Here are some suicide Quotes that will help you to get out of that situation.

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25 Suicide Quotes

“Suicide is not an answer, it’s destruction.” Al Green

“Suicide leaves everyone feeling guilty.” Robert Harris

“Suicide is not a remedy.” James A. Garfield

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“Suicide is the only way out.” Ozzy Osbourne

“No one ever lacks a good reason for suicide.” Cesare Pavese

“Suicide is man’s way of telling God, ‘You can’t fire me – I quit.” Bill Maher

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“Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” Phil Donahue

“Suicide is no solution. Keep fighting.” Hayley Williams

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“Instead of committing suicide, people go to work.” Thomas Bernhard

“Suicide carried off many. Drink and the devil took care of the rest.” Robert Louis Stevenson

“All healthy men have thought of their own suicide.” Albert Camus

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“Suicide kills two people.” Arthur Miller

“Nine men in ten are would be suicides.” Benjamin Franklin

“Drunkenness is temporary suicide.” Bertrand Russell

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“If life’s a joke, then suicide’s a bad punch line.” Louise Erdrich

“If I had no sense of humor, I would long ago have committed suicide.” Mahatma Gandhi

“I couldn’t commit suicide if my life depended on it.” George Carlin

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“Sometimes I wonder if suicides aren’t in fact sad guardians of the meaning of life.” Vaclav Havel

“Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder.” Arnold J. Toynbee

“No one commits suicide because they want to die.” Tiffanie DeBartolo

“There is something great and terrible about suicide.” Honore de Balzac

“There is but one truly serious philosophical problem and that is suicide.” Albert Camus

“There is no refuge from confession but suicide; and suicide is confession.” Daniel Webster

“Making itself intelligible is suicide for philosophy.” Martin Heidegger

“To kill time is not murder, it’s suicide.” William James

What “Will”  is trying to say with the above-mentioned quote is that when you try to kill yourself. And End your life because of other people around you. Then it is not just you who is trying to kill yourself but every person who has lived for you. They can be anyone your mother, father, your wife, kids, their life will be totally changed because you may be the only hope for them. If you are finding it difficult then simply run away leaving everything behind.

Suicide Quotes And Sayings (5)

“Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.” Seneca – Suicide Quotes

This very simple quote want you to show courage and do not give up on life. No situation can be difficult enough for you. Nothing can force you to suicide, there is always another path, which you just cannot see. Open your eyes and your life will be still waiting for you. Do net let Darkness take control over you, try to live.

“The only difference between a suicide and a martyrdom really is the amount of press coverage.” Chuck Palahniuk, Survivor – Suicide Quotes

Chuck is the person who is a survivor of depression, he is a standing example. He will always remind you how he gets over it and survived the most depressed phase of his lifetime. If you try to end your life all by yourself then you are a coward. Don’t be someone who is a coward.

“A lot of you cared, just not enough”  Jay Asher – Suicide Quotes

This quote in itself is negative. It tells the story of a man who committed suicide. It is also not apt as you don’t have to die because someone cares for you or not. You were born to live single, you can lead your life single, do not let anyone take control of your life. Be the master of your own.


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