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The Notebook Quotes And Sayings

25 The Notebook Quotes -The Notebook is a romantic drama movie based on a Novel with the same name written by Nicholas Sparks. The film is about a young couple who fall in love. The notebook received mixed reviews but gave an extraordinary performance at the box office where they received several award nominations and winning several other award ceremony’s as well. The movie however had its own spotlight due to the combination of the couples that were set to play the roles, and also the performance and of course the story’ style. One other reason is The Notebook Quotes that are also getting popular within time.

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25 The Notebook Quotes

“Notebook. No photographer should be without one!” Ansel Adams

“The eye is the notebook of the poet.” James Russell Lowell

“I scribbled four words down in my notebook: ‘The world is flat.” Nandan Nilekani

Positive Attitude Quotes And Sayings

“I carry a notebook with me everywhere. But that’s only the first step.” Rita Dove

“The instinct to produce great work doesn’t require a fancy notebook.” Seth Godin

“Always carry a notebook. And I mean always.” Will Self

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“Use your notebook to breathe in the world around you.” Ralph Fletcher

“I belong to this notebook and this pencil.” Ernest Hemingway

“The Notebook is one of my favorite love stories.” Taylor Schilling

Book Quotes And Sayings

“You ask me if I keep a notebook to record my great ideas. I’ve only ever had one.” Albert Einstein

“Sitting in my favorite coffeehouse with a new notebook and a hot cup of java is my idea of Heaven.” Libba Bray

“Scribbled secret notebooks, and wild typewritten pages, for yr own joy.” Jack Kerouac

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“The great thing about a computer notebook is that no matter how much you stuff into it, it doesn’t get bigger or heavier.” Bill Gates

“You belong to me and all Paris belongs to me and I belong to this notebook and this pencil.” Ernest Hemingway

“Romantic dramas? I love The Notebook. Titanic was great. Classic.” Scott Eastwood

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“I find a lot of writing happens when you’re not actually at the computer. So I carry a notebook.” Noah Baumbach

“Decline of the letter, the rise of the notebook! One doesn’t write to others any more; one writes to oneself.” Susan Sontag

“Reasons for not keeping a notebook: 1) the ambiguity of the reader. ” Lionel Trilling

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“Paul Brunton’s Notebooks are a veritable treasure-trove of philosophic-spiritual wisdom.” Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

“I’m giving all that I have in this life. I’m opening up my notebook and I’m saying everything in there out loud.” Kanye West

“I was always cutting words. I even would write my jokes in my notebook. I still do this, almost like a poem.” Anthony Jeselnik

“The point of a notebook is to jumpstart the mind.” John Gregory Dunne

“Knowledge is not a loose leaf notebook of facts.” Jacob Bronowski

“I have always kept notebooks and I go back to them over and over. They are my compost pile of ideas.” Louise Erdrich

“I’ve been writing in notebooks for 40 years or so.” Frank McCourt

You can’t live your life for other people. You’ve got to do what’s right for you, even if it hurts some people you love – The Notebook, Nicholas Sparks

As mentioned in The Notebook Quotes above, it tries to tell us that some of us may find this quote being selfish, but it’s not at all. We do live our lives for our loved ones so we don’t hurt or offend them in anyway, but there are certain moments in life where you can no longer live for everyone around you. You can only keep your surrounding happy, if you are happy.

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There’s nothing wrong with choosing yourself for once, and trying to do what you love. This life that we are living, no one is going to walk along with us until the very end. As we all know, even our own shadow leaves us in the darkness. It may seem like we are hurting our loved ones now, that’s because they do not understand what we try to do or say, but once you do it and achieve your goal, then they understand that the choices you made was the perfect one. This one quote with so much of a deep meaning is another reason for notebook to be one of the favorite movies among many.

Every great love starts with a great story… – The Notebook, Nicholas Sparks

The Notebook Quotes are heart-warming every single time you come across it. This is another quote that would not turn old by the decades or even a hundred years from now. This quote expresses to us the truth about every great love story, even the smallest of them. Every love story has a wonderful story surrounding it. The Conflicts, the path, the fighting, love, romance, tears, happiness, all this and yet two heart bounded to teach other, two souls craving for each other, is the best story love can tell.

As seen some couples are just not strong-bonded, a little problem can break them apart, whereas there are these couples, where even conflicts that hit like a hurricane, and still they hold each other together. This indeed is true love, and a great story to tell. The notebook itself, has a great story amid it. All these life changing and inspiring quotes by the notebook are the main spotlights of the movie as well as the novel.





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